Make Better Quality Software using Jenkins for your CI CD Pipeline

Jenkins builds and tests our software projects, which continuously making it easier for developers to integrate changes to the project, and making it easier for users to obtain a fresh build. Continuous integration is one of the most important terms used in DevOps when it comes to integrating different DevOps stages. Jenkins is the most popular and widespread tool that DevOps teams use to create software projects by developing and testing them continuously.

These resources make it easier to install, manage and troubleshoot Jenkins installation. Jenkins security revolves around securing the server and the user. Server security is achieved in the same way any other server is secured. Access to where it resides, such as a VM or bare metal server, is configured to allow for the fewest number of processes to communicate with the server. This is accomplished through typical server OS and networking security features. Plugin development also makes use of Maven deployment to Jenkins.

Advantages and Disadvantages of using Jenkins

But that meant testing one’s changes in isolation, without everyone else’s daily commits. There was no firm guarantee that the nightly build would survive the latest commit. We are a top Jenkins CI automation testing firm that creates web and mobile apps and tests them on actual emulators and simulators.

You can use the Oracle JRE or OpenJDK if you have a Java 8 virtual machine. A Jetty application server often hosts Jenkins as a Java servlet. Not only that, but you can also use the Apache Tomcat Java application server. In recent years, Jenkins has been able to operate in a Docker container. However, there are read-only Jenkins images found in the Docker Hub repository.


Jenkins contributors decided that their project should join this new foundation. Kawaguchi wrote at the time that nothing of significance would change for users. Before Jenkins, the best a developer could do to avoid breaking the nightly build was to write and test their code carefully and successfully on a local machine before committing it.

  • You can utilize container technology such as Docker and Kubernetes, initiate tests and then take actions like rolling back or rolling forward in production.
  • In a volatile and highly competitive business environment, the systems created to support, and drive operations are crucial.
  • Jenkins’ major responsibility is to keep track of the version control system and, if necessary, to begin and oversee a build system.
  • Hence, the development and operations teams can reduce the stress of constantly integrating and deploying changes with Jenkins.
  • This code is written in a Jenkinsfile which can be checked into a source control management system such as Git.
  • In the following example, I’ve created multiple stages, each performing a specific task.

There is no difference in the performance and problem solvability perspective. Declarative Jenkins pipelines do not support the injection of Groovy code. On the flip side, it supports conditional statements that provide support for error handling, adding logging, and accessing environmental variables. Design patterns and Java Annotations for plugins are used to specify how the plugin is created, how it extends other plugins, and how its user interface appears in Jenkins. You may also consider enrolling for DevOps Online Training to upscale yourself.

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Plugins may be downloaded and installed using the Jenkins Web UI or CLI from the Jenkins Plugin repository. Next, the contents of Jenkins are saved locally in a Jenkinsfile as plain text. The Jenkinsfile has a curly bracket syntax that resembles JSON. Pipeline steps are enclosed in curly brackets and specified as commands with arguments. The Jenkins server then reads the Jenkinsfile and runs the tasks, pushing the code from the committed source code to runtime in production.

jenkins development

Although Jenkins requires scripting some automation steps, the program provides a fast and robust way to systematize the software development lifecycle. A significant advantage of Jenkins development is also the ability to use multiple machines on which the system work is distributed. This speeds up the compilation, testing, and deployment of the final application on various platforms.

Advantages of using Jenkins

The idea proved successful and quickly spread to the rest of his team. As a result, Kohsuke Kawaguch created the Jenkins project and open-sourced the program. The usage spread across the world with a current estimate of 1.6 million users. A Jenkins node is an umbrella term for Agents and Controllers, regardless of their actual roles.

jenkins development

In the later part of the What is Jenkins blog, we would demonstrate the usage of the Declarative Pipeline for the Maven project. The Jenkins Pipeline executes on a node block that is usually a part of the Scripted Pipeline syntax. Scripted Pipeline is a more traditional way of writing a Jenkins Pipeline as code.

Why use Jenkins development services?

It may assist any firm in standardizing the software development process by combining quality control and change management. Pipelines provide DevOps Engineers with a continuous and uniform procedure for diverse teams producing comparable types of software. The pipeline configuration language is portable and covers all of the features and functions required for the CI/CD process. As developers commit their code to the Jenkins server, it will automatically create a build of that code and run it through testing. If the build fails, Jenkins will notify developers of the errors so they can be fixed quickly.

jenkins development

The server, whether a virtual machine (VM) or bare metal server, is set up to interact with the minimum number of processes possible. This is possible with a typical server OS and network security mechanism. And it is possible to protect any other server in the same way.

What is Jenkins? The CI server explained

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